CUSIP Service Bureau Launches CUSIP-based ISIN Look-up Service

London - 16 April 2007

Tool enables market participants to quickly search the vast CUSIP-ISIN database to drive efficient trading, clearing and settlement.

The CUSIP Service Bureau (CSB), the leading provider of unique issuer and instrument identification system, today announced the launch of its CSB-ISIN Look-up Service, which provides unique CUSIP-based International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) identifiers for more than 3.6 million securities and their issuers. This new Web-based capability makes it easier for institutions to identify securities issued by the CSB and efficiently trade, settle and clear securities by providing a common language for handling securities across firms, exchanges and nations.

“With the continued globalisation of the financial services industry, CSB has recognised the need for a coordinated, overall response to client challenges,” said Scott Preiss, Vice President, CUSIP Service Bureau. “The Web-based CUSIP-ISIN look-up service fulfills a long-standing industry need to access critical unique identifiers for global instruments and their issuers in a near-real-time environment.”

Diane Poole, Group Director, ABA Data Management & Policy Development stated, "The Web-based CUSIP-ISIN lookup service is a terrific example of the CUSIP Service Bureau's continued commitment to responding to the industry's need for accurate and timely information. With near real-time availability of data, this service will no doubt become an essential tool for the global community."
The new Web-based service allows a user to search or validate CSB ISINs and requires a one-time click-through agreement. The Service’s cost-recovery fee will be waived for the remainder of 2007 as CSB evaluates market interest.

CSB has issued securities identifiers with expanding asset class coverage since its inception in 1968. CSB is operated for the American Bankers Association (ABA) by Standard & Poor’s, two leading organisations dedicated to promoting the strength and efficiency of the global financial services industry.

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