CQG and FuturesBoard Offer Users an Online Discussion Forum

Chicago, IL - 11 April 2007

CQG has joined with FuturesBoard to provide an interactive resource for sharing knowledge and advice about CQG products and services.

Traders and analysts can visit FuturesBoard to access insight on the futures markets. The Web site’s CQG channel includes tips, help, and information on CQG’s software, along with forums on CQG’s strategies and formulas.

“The FuturesBoard CQG Channel is a new way for CQG users to interact and discuss futures market information with other futures traders,” said Chris Vuletich, FuturesBoard’s managing director.

“CQG users have a place on the Web to go for help from CQG gurus or from other users,” said Joe Koehnen, CQG’s Chicago business development director. “They can find information about upcoming events and new products, watch tutorials, and attend a live event on a particular topic.”

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