Information Mosaic sign up for B.I.S.S. Corporate Actions Accreditation process

London, UK - 10 April 2007

B.I.S.S. Research, the exclusive research company offering a unique benchmarking of services and systems in the financial services sector, today announced that Information Mosaic has entered their system into the 2007 benchmarking of Corporate Actions systems.

Gary Wright, C.E.O., B.I.S.S. Research and creator of the B.I.S.S. business benchmarking concept said “The B.I.S.S. benchmarking process is the only genuinely independent assessment of Corporate Actions systems in the market today, where systems are put through a very thorough examination. We have now agreed with all the top Corporate Actions software suppliers to enter the 2007 B.I.S.S. benchmarking process. These leading suppliers have been able to demonstrate beyond doubt in previous years, to an independent panel of industry experts, their systems genuine performance, proving their prominent position in the market. The transparency of the process only attracts top quality vendors to try and achieve the B.I.S.S. Accreditation. Failure of software to achieve the tests set by the benchmarking panel has been extremely damaging to vendors in the past but success brings its obvious rewards.

For this reason it is worth noting that Information Mosaic has been hitting high scores over the years and proving their systems functionality while some other vendors have been found wanting. The evidence of the B.I.S.S. Benchmarking is there for all to see. B.I.S.S. benchmarking has helped systems like CAMA™ to prove and differentiate their functionality from other vendors systems; this assists the buyer in selecting the right system for their particular needs. As one of the top corporate actions vendors in the market, we like to think that B.I.S.S. has had a small part to play in their continued success. They now join CheckFree, SmartStream, TCS and Vermeg as proven leaders in the Corporate Actions software market”

John Byrne, CEO Information Mosaic said “We are delighted to join the B.I.S.S. benchmarking event for 2007, CAMA™ has triumphed in this event since our initial participation in 2004. We are confident that the continuing adaptation and update of CAMA™ functionality will ensure continued success in 2007. CAMA™ is particularly strong in the areas of Data Scrubbing, Corporate Actions processing, Eligibility management, Entitlement reconciliation, Forecasting & allocations, Fees & Billing, Workflow exception management, multiple time zone management and Direct Customer web interaction.

As recognised by B.I.S.S a significant element of a client solution is the successful delivery and implementation of the corporate actions system; With a proven reputation for delivery, recognised business expertise and robust open technical architecture, Information Mosaic are confident the panel will appreciate our investment in one platform, one expert team, one scalable solution. We would commend the endeavours by B.I.S.S to constantly evolve and expand the benchmarking evaluation and look forward to a successful and well-managed process again this year. ”

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