Boston, MA - 6 September 2006

Award-Winning Leader Of Complex Event Processing Software Continues To Raise The Bar In Delivering Superior Performance, Persistence & Programmability

StreamBase Systems, Inc., provider of the industry’s fastest and most powerful real-time and historical complex event processing software, today announced that it continues to drive product excellence as demonstrated by a recent independent InfoWorld review. StreamBase’s Stream Processing Engine was specifically given high marks by InfoWorld for its robust development tools and enterprise-class scalability. StreamBase also provides the industry’s fastest performance, enterprise-class storage, and standards-based programmability – three additional key areas of competitive differentiation for StreamBase which were not evaluated in-depth for this InfoWorld review.

“InfoWord’s review captured some of the core StreamBase differentiators – not only from a capability level, but also in terms of paradigms and conceptual frameworks,” said Barry Morris, Chairman and CEO of StreamBase. “We’re focused on broadening programming standards, building a set of development tools, and offering a platform that can be used to solve an entire new class of real-time business challenges. Other stream processing products are point solutions that only address one narrow business problem and are often cumbersome in terms of deployment, simulation, and debugging – areas that lead to longer development cycles and inaccuracy in processing data. We are honored that a highly respected technical publication such as InfoWorld has also acknowledged our product excellence.”

Other specific areas where StreamBase received notable accolades from InfoWorld include:

Unmatched Usability – “The newly added StreamSQL editor also offered strong usability features for direct coding in the native language.” In addition, the review credits StreamBase with its real-time data-type matching that “improved usability by quickly detecting potential errors” and also its “abundant reference materials and tutorials.”

Fail-Safe Testing & Powerful Flexibility – “StreamBase’s Eclipse IDE makes drag-and-drop stream development quick and easy, and its well integrated with simulation testing tools.” The reviewer goes on to further explain that, “StreamBase Studio’s well-integrated simulation testing enabled me to feed historic simulation data into my application for playback. I was able to use the onboard recorder to save live streams for later use, make manual changes into event payloads (good for testing isolated issues), and use the included data randomizer to generate continuous loops of parameterized test data. StreamBase also offers an add-on, StreamBase Chronicle, capable of storing terabytes of event stream info for later recall.”

Robust Data Manipulation – “I found StreamBase to deliver better all-around string and date manipulation features. StreamBase also has a useful function for exception catching, so division by zero, for example, won’t crash your engine.”

StreamBase’s Stream Processing Engine was commercialized from a tri-university academic project between Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Brown University, and Brandeis University. Led by database luminary, Dr. Mike Stonebraker, the project uncovered that many core principles for querying stored data can be applied to streaming data by just extending the existing familiar paradigm of SQL. The result was the development of the next-generation programming language, StreamSQL, which extends SQL for real-time streaming data. StreamBase’s software, fueled by StreamSQL, uniquely solves real-time data management problems with an infrastructure platform for capturing, integrating, and reacting to streaming data at speeds up to hundreds of thousands of messages per second or more. With StreamBase, firms in industries such as financial services, e-Business, telecommunications/networking, and government and military can build high-performance, low-latency applications that process and analyze data as fast as it arrives—prototyped within as little as hours.

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