Philadelphia - 5 September 2006

FNX Solutions (FNX), a leading provider of next generation technology solutions for treasury and capital markets, announced today the launch of CAYMAN, the first real-time, cross asset solution specifically designed for high volume margin trading and client management. Developed in conjunction with one of the world’s largest banks, Cayman satisfies the need to provide superior service to an expanding base of clients in a high volume transaction environment, all the while ensuring that risk is monitored in real-time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Cayman really is the next generation of margin trading and client management systems,” says Mr. Paul Gibson, FNX’s Global Head of Business Development. “The increasing pressure on institutions such as Banks, Prime Brokers, Private Banks, FCMs, Brokers and Broker Dealers to increase market share in today’s client driven environment means that better services need to be offered to a more and more diverse set of clients. Margin trading and real-time margin status monitoring are excellent means to achieve this as they enable a wider range of trading products to be offered to the client whilst virtually eliminating the credit risk. Cayman is the ideal platform to assist institutions to offer this service. Tested to very high volumes, Cayman can be used as a complete margin and client management system, or as an engine that is hooked up through Cayman’s open APIs to other incumbent systems in the institution such as e-trading platforms or order management systems.”

Built on a truly scalable, high availability backbone, Cayman can process more than 100,000 trades per hour. Its state of the art, flexible user interface provides a single workspace to manage margin and risk monitoring screens, client and house positions, client orders and risk breakdown. Furthermore, Cayman can be configured to satisfy the specific requirements for all client types, including but
not limited to institutional, retail, high net worth individuals and hedge funds.

Through it’s high performance middleware platform, SierraLink, Cayman seamlessly integrates with a comprehensive list of existing APIs and adapters as well as with in-house legacy systems, allowing the margin engine to check pre and post deal margin status, alert any changes in margin status and to accept and revalue collateral and account balances from external applications.

“Cayman is the right product at the right time,” says Farid Naib, FNX’s CEO and Founder. “To compete today, financial institutions are challenged to control risk factors while simultaneously managing an ever-increasing volume of clients and transactions. Cayman not only meets that challenge but is also designed to offer unparalleled flexibility across all asset classes.”

Cayman is available as a complete solution or as a series of components depending upon client requirements.

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