SunGard Consolidates FAME and PowerData to Provide Real-Time Market Data and Time Series Data in One Platform

New York, NY – 5 September 2006

FAME Suite Now Offers Market Data Feeds, Desktops,

Databases, Hosting, Tools, and Delivery Services on Single Platform

SunGard announced today that it has consolidated its PowerData real-time market data solutions with its FAME time series database platform into one solution suite under the FAME brand.

The consolidated data solutions help provide more cohesive, integrated front-to-back data management with real-time content and enhanced user interfaces to help meet the growing requirements of a variety of financial institutions, intermediaries, software vendors, third party aggregators and individual investors. These organizations rely on comprehensive data and desktop tools every day to analyze investment results and opportunities, and distribute real-time intra-day content via their Web sites as well as their trading, portfolio management and other software applications.

The FAME suite represents SunGard’s strategy to deliver stability, speed and analytical capabilities to money managers, equity researchers of hedge funds and other buy-side institutions to help aggressively manage portfolios, while the extension of FAME into end-user workflows offers added value for investment banking and public sector organizations. In addition, software vendors and third party aggregators utilizing SunGard’s real-time data will have ready access to FAME’s historical time series data, broader and deeper financial, economic, risk and research content, as well as hosting, database access through application programming interfaces (APIs), and a range of data delivery tools for both real-time and historical content.

Janet Crowley, president of SunGard’s FAME business unit, said, “FAME is a proven solution with a range of components that complement each other well, from historical time series data with powerful analytical capabilities, to real-time market data with desktop and spreadsheet interfaces. This integration offers our diverse customers a more powerful yet easy to use method for accessing and utilizing valuable data and analytic tools relevant to their investment activities, and to help expand their applications and services.”

FAME Desktop and FAME’s symbology engine are two examples of how SunGard has begun to merge technology and leverage assets to consolidate the solutions under FAME.

Earlier this year, SunGard delivered FAME Desktop, which provides users with historical and streaming data into one Web-based workstation, and FAME Desktop Excel Add-In, an interface that automatically populates combined data into analysts’ pre-defined spreadsheet models. FAME’s symbology engine cross references all of the different identifiers assigned by the various data sources. FAME helps the user to retrieve complete data content on a particular security by using a single identifier, and to work more seamlessly with data sources. By retrieving data based on a single identifier, the user is freed from having to know all of its data source identifiers.

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