Bahrain hit by phishing

4 September 2006

Bahrain's financial sector has been hit by internet fraud, according to the Bankers' Society, with the public being warned not to respond to emails apparently from Bahrain's banks requesting personal information.

The scam, known as 'phishing' has long been identified as a problem for US and European banks, with the increasing popularity of online banking services providing fraudsters with greater opportunity to commit their crimes.

With many Middle Eastern banks now becoming targets of phishing, the Bankers' Society of Bahrain's executive manager Wendy Maddison has advised customers that banks would never require personal information to be divulged via email.

The problem, she says, is that the fraudsters are attacking the weak line in the bank's defence of personal account information - the customer.

Recently, technology companies have been trying to develop anti-phishing tools that are able to detect fake websites, preventing users from entering sensitive information into them.

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