Rolfe & Nolan Launches Fees Direct in US. “Solving the Nightmare of Fee & Commission Management.”

Chicago - 28 September 2006

Rolfe & Nolan today announced the US launch of Fees Direct, its unique fee and commission management tool for the F&O markets.

Fees Direct gives the front, middle and back office complete control and transparency in commissions management. Typical uses are for calculating the true cost of an F&O trade; quoting customer commission structures swiftly with accurate fees and internal costs; archiving customer schedules for detailed auditing; validating exchange, regulatory & clearing house fees and confirming fee calculations from internal and external systems.

Populated with over 210,000 exchange, regulatory and clearing house fees, Fees Direct is wholly maintained by Rolfe & Nolan and delivers all the ingredients of a commission quote - exchange, regulatory and clearing house fees; internal overhead; cross-charged information and comparable customer quotes.

Fees Direct is part of Rolfe & Nolan’s middle office suite of solutions and demonstrates Rolfe & Nolan’s commitment to bring business and new technology functionality closer to the trade. As well as enabling members to stay on top of fee changes, it also allows them to professionally manage their customer business. Fees Direct is available either in-house, ASP or FM.

Paul Miller, Global Sales & Marketing Director at Rolfe & Nolan said: “Exchange, clearing house and regulatory fees are mushrooming as a result of competition - it’s a real challenge for exchange members and their customers to stay on top of changes.

“Many firms use spreadsheets to manage their fees and commissions. At best the use of spreadsheets involves a lot of expensive management time to ensure its accuracy. At worst, it can lead to expensive errors. Fees Direct takes the hassle out of this area, gives firm confidence in the accuracy of the fees that they are using and allows them to concentrate on their business.

“We’re proud of Fees Direct - its functionality, its looks, its ease of use, its solid business advantages. Delegates at our US launches have shown a keen desire to know more about how Fees Direct will solve their fee problems.”

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