Financial Software Entrepreneur switches to Best Selling Author and creates hunt for jeweled rings worth $2million

27 September 2006

Michael Stadther, former CEO of Frustum Inc has embarked on a new career as a best-selling author.

In 1979 Michael and his wife Helen Demetrios started their first banking software company that they eventually sold to a large US software vendor. Shortly thereafter, the couple formed Frustum, the developers of the OPICS treasury and capital markets system that serviced financial institutions around the world. In 1996 they sold that business to Misys plc.

After the sale of Frustum, Mike had the time to focus on a notion he had since the mid-1980s – creating a treasure hunt that would captivate people, young and old. He spent long hours thinking how he could hide tokens redeemable for real treasure so that they weren’t buried or put in dangerous places or private property; nothing could be moved to find the tokens, yet they would be truly hidden. To him, it was a mental challenge, one that took him eight years to solve.

His first book, A Treasure’s Trove was published in 2004 and rapidly climbed the US bestseller lists where it remained for months.

His new book fantasy adventure book, Secrets of the Alchemist Dar, released this week, gives the public the chance to join in a worldwide treasure hunt for jeweled rings worth more than US$2 million. This sequel to A Treasure’s Trove will be simultaneously released on four continents and it will be the world’s largest public treasure hunt in history.

Anyone, anywhere in the world, who solves the clues concealed in the book’s pages and meets all of the requirements in the Official Rules of Secrets of the Alchemist Dar, can get one of 100 real Aaron Basha-designed rings, including one containing one of the world’s rarest stones — a red diamond. This ring alone is worth US$1 million.

Michael now embarks on a world tour which starts today (Thursday 28th) in London at Harrods.

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