Invoke Technologies, Inc. Unveils New Tool for DSTU X9.37/X9.100-180

Kansas City, MO - 25 September 2006

Invoke Technologies, Inc, a Missouri-based provider of software solutions for financial institutions announced today the release of the Check 21 Taskmaster v2.0, aimed at helping financial institutions reap the benefits of the Check Truncation for the 21st Century Act. This revolutionary product incorporates exclusive functionality to provide clients unprecedented ease when dealing with DSTU X9.37/X9.100-180 files by providing a means of viewing and researching X9.37/X9.100-180 file data, including images. Version 2.0 contains searching capabilities, the ability to print Image Replacement Documents (IRDs), and a field-edit functionality. Check 21 Taskmaster works with any files that conform to X9.37 or X9.100-180 regardless of whether the file is EBCDIC/ASCII or Intell/Motorolla.

Developed by a team of programmers experienced in the field of financial software, who witnessed first-hand the short-comings of existing products, the Check 21 Taskmaster v2.0 builds upon the platform of previous versions, but adds functionality for which clients have been calling. “What we’ve done is asked all of our clients what additional tools they needed, “said Nathan Schopf, president. “Then we took that feedback and customized v2.0 to suit their needs.”

With increasing numbers of financial institutions seeking to transfer from a paper-based process to an electronic one, the demand for user-friendly software that can be easily integrated is higher than ever.

“The Check 21 Taskmaster v2.0 is ideal for financial institutions,” said vice-president of business development Brian Frederick. “We’ve encountered so many people who are desperate for the ability to print IRDS or search for individual items. For them we’re providing a solid, dependable foundation for future Check 21 initiatives while offering them the functionality they need now.”

The Check 21 Taskmaster v2.0 is the latest in a line of products offered by Invoke Technologies, Inc. an innovator in the field of Check 21 software. Highly flexible, practical, and user-friendly, the Check 21 Taskmaster v2.0 offers a reasonably-priced solution that utilizes technologies previously only available to high-volume processors.

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