Harrison, NY and London - 26 September 2006

Depth of Market Data to Provide Customers with Greater Insight
into Global Markets

ComStock, an Interactive Data (NYSE: IDC) business and a leading provider of real-time global market data and managed solutions, today announced that it has further expanded the breadth of content provided through its high quality, low latency consolidated datafeed to include additional Level II data from multiple international exchanges.

As traders and investors adopt electronic trading more broadly and seek greater transparency throughout the global markets, the demand for Level II data has been increasing rapidly.

ComStock has broadened the portfolio of information that it offers by adding Level II data from the Swiss Stock Exchange, the Prague Stock Exchange, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and the Intercontinental Exchange. In the coming months, ComStock plans to offer Level II data from the London Stock Exchange International Market and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and expand the set of Level II data available from OMX and the Australian Stock Exchange. ComStock also expects to offer depth of market data from the Osaka Stock Exchange and for Hong Kong equities and futures.

This depth of market data supplements the Level II and ECN data from major exchanges around the world, including the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange and Euronext, that ComStock currently delivers through PlusFeed. ComStock’s real-time datafeed now offers data on over 3.2 million securities across asset classes from North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Africa.

ComStock does not conflate any of its Level II data, offering customers the option of receiving all available updates. For customers who prefer to receive a smaller selection of data, ComStock can deliver subsets of data from a variety of different sources.

“The addition of more Level II data reflects the needs of our institutional customer base for additional market transparency with minimal latency,” said Don Finucane, vice president, marketing and product management for ComStock. “Having access to depth of market data that shows the full order book information for a wide range of global markets can help our customers be more effective in executing their electronic and algorithmic trading strategies.”

“Algorithmic trading continues to be a fast growing segment of our business and we have seen strong demand from our customers for additional Level II data for effectively implementing algorithmic trading strategies,” said Mark Hepsworth, president of ComStock. “We are committed to meeting our customer requirements by expanding our content with additional sourcing while also remaining focused on low latency delivery.”

ComStock’s PlusFeed delivers financial information to power mission critical electronic market data applications, including algorithmic trading engines where speed is crucial. In addition to real-time quote and trade data for equities, derivatives, fixed income, foreign exchange, commodities and funds, PlusFeed provides a wide range of other information including reference data, fundamental data, historical data and financial news.

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