MicrocapTrade Marks 5th Anniversary with 125% Growth in First Half of 2006

New York - 20 September 2006

Aided by continued expansion of trading volumes in the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board (OTC:BB) and Pink Sheet markets and growth in U.S. equity markets, MicrocapTrade, Inc., a leading provider of micro-cap market data and analytics for professional and retail traders, has experienced explosive growth in new client acquisitions and revenues.

In the first half of 2006, MicrocapTrade’s subscriber base grew by approximately 125% over the end of Q4 in 2005. In the Second Quarter of 2006, MicrocapTrade expanded its subscriber base by nearly 50% over the first quarter.

“We’re very pleased with business growth,” commented Stephan Touizer, CEO of MicrocapTrade. “With the improved SEC regulation of the micro-cap markets and the growth in the overall U.S. equity markets over the last 18 months, we’re seeing much more interest in the OTC:BB and Pink Sheet markets from new and returning investors.”

MicrocapTrade was launched in 2001 by Stephan Touizer to provide greater transparency and higher quality market data and analytics for the OTC Bulletin Board market. The first product the company offered was a Market Index for OTC:BB stocks. The company’s first website, OTCCharts.com, was launched in early 2002 and covered activity for micro-cap stocks, including total market volume, stock quotes and the firm’s proprietary OTC:BB 30 Index, which was calculated and plotted on a chart daily.

In late 2002, building on the firm’s success covering the micro-cap markets, MicrocapTrade began developing MicrocapFeed, a java-based application providing real-time data, news and analytics. After nearly six months of beta testing, MicrocapFeed was launched, enabling traders, for the first time ever, to apply formal stock analysis techniques to OTC:BB and Pink Sheet stocks.

In July 2004, responding to strong interest from the institutional markets, MicrocapTrade built a proprietary MicrocapFeed platform specifically for professional trading firms with departments that traded only OTC:BB and Pink Sheet stocks. After two important institutional clients signed on for the professional service, MicrocapTrade tapped trading industry veteran Spencer Olsen as president of the company to lead institutional sales and manage overall development for the MicrocapFeed Professional platform. Since its launch, and with the stewardship of Spencer Olsen driving sales and development, the MicrocapFeed Professional platform has experienced significant growth.

“As interest in the micro-cap equity markets continues to grow,” Mr. Olsen commented, “we will continue to innovate and develop cutting edge technologies, and will work to leverage our unique tools and industry knowledge to assist traders as they implement their trading strategies and seek greater profitability.”

Through creative and aggressive product development and by remaining committed to the growth and transparency of the micro-cap markets, MicrocapTrade has become the leading provider of real-time data and analytics for the micro-cap markets. Some of the proprietary functionality that MicrocapTrade provides includes:

--Real-time pre-market trade data for the micro-cap markets --Universe Manager, a real-time market maker montage of up to 3,000 stocks on one robust dynamic watch list --Proprietary MoneyFlow trend indicator showing whether buyers or sellers are driving a stock’s movement --Money Market Activity Log listing all dealer activities for each stock in real time --Stock filter, which provides in-depth customized real-time queries that scan the entire OTC:BB/Pink Sheet markets --VWAP Calculator to ascertain benchmark prices on either an intra-day or full-day basis

“With the most powerful and effective platform in the market, we’re very excited about the outlook for the remainder of the year,” Mr. Touizer added.

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