Paremus becomes Supporter of Open SOA Collaboration

London, UK - 20th September 2006

Paremus to contribute to the development of Service Oriented Architecture standards as a member of the OSOA Supporter Community.

Paremus, developer of SOA-based Infiniflowâ„¢ distributed services platform products, today announced that it has become a founder member of the new Supporters Community of the Open Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Collaboration. The Open SOA Collaboration represents an informal alliance of industry leaders that share a common interest in defining a language-neutral programming model that meets the needs of enterprise developers who are developing software that exploits the characteristics and benefits of service oriented architectures.

The Open SOA collaboration is currently working on a series of specifications that are made available to the industry on a royalty-free licensing basis. The Collaboration is currently working on two main projects:

•Service Component Architecture (SCA) aims to provide a model for the creation of service components in a wide range of languages and a model for assembling service components into a business solution - activities which are at the heart of building applications using a service-oriented architecture.

•Service Data Objects (SDO) aims to provide consistent means of handling data within applications, whatever its source or format may be. SDO provides a way of unifying data handling for databases and for services. SDO also has mechanisms for the handling of data while detached from its source.
SCA and SDO can be used separately, but when combined they provide a powerful and flexible way of building applications around a service-oriented architecture.

“This SCA initiative represents a significant step towards realising open dynamic composite business systems,” said Gary Ebersole, CEO of Paremus. “Our software engineers have a wealth of practical experience building distributed service oriented architectures, and look forward to working with our partners to help develop these important specifications.”

Language, architecture and protocol neutral, SCA provides an industry standard language for defining how to wire business services together, and solutions such as Paremus’ Infiniflow family of distributed services platforms, will leverage SCA to dynamically build sophisticated business systems from loosely coupled service components, with each component implemented in the most appropriate language.

“The emergence of SCA is industry recognition of the limited value and applicability of traditional Web Services within the enterprise,” said Dr. Richard Nicholson, CTO and founder of Paremus. “Rather than marginalizing Java, we believe that SCA will help free businesses from the confines of stove-piped monolithic legacy Web Services & EJB application paradigms.”

By contributing to the Open Service Oriented Architecture collaboration, Paremus will be able to release the SCA specification compliant Infiniflow Enterprise Service Fabric (ESF) shortly after the v1.0 specification is ratified. The Newton open source initiative (made available by Paremus on codeCauldron – is already tracking the SCA specification, and an imminent Newton release will implement the majority of the SCA v0.96 specification.

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