MSCI Barra to Introduce High Dividend Yield Indices

New York – 20 September 2006

MSCI Barra, a leading provider of benchmark indices and risk management analytics products, announced today that it will launch a global family of indices designed to reflect the performance of the high dividend yield opportunity set. The MSCI High Dividend Yield Indices, which will become available in October 2006, are designed to serve as performance benchmarks and may be used as the basis for passive investment vehicles.

“The new MSCI High Dividend Yield Indices respond to the needs of investment professionals for benchmarks that reflect the performance of the high dividend yield opportunity set and that can be replicated in institutional and retail portfolios,” said Ken O’Keeffe, Executive Director at MSCI Barra. “The MSCI High Dividend Yield Indices include high dividend yielding securities that have demonstrated a sustainable and persistent dividend.”

MSCI Barra will offer High Dividend Yield Indices based on the following MSCI Equity Indices (“Parent Indices”): MSCI World, MSCI World ex Australia, MSCI EAFE, MSCI Europe, MSCI EMU, MSCI KOKUSAI, MSCI Pacific and MSCI US Investable Market 2500 Indices. Eleven years of index and security level history will be available for the above MSCI High Dividend Yield Indices. In addition, the MSCI High Dividend Yield methodology can be applied to any MSCI Parent Index, based on client demand.

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