Twisted Pair Solutions, Inc. Signs OEM Agreement with BT to Deliver Integrated IP Hoot and Intercom

Seattle, WA – 19 September 2006

Customers can now realize a true virtual trading experience through BT ITS Communicator, powered by WAVEâ„¢

Twisted Pair Solution, Inc., a leading software company that designs and builds IP-based communications software, today announced that British Telecommunications Plc will provide Twisted Pair’s WAVE software as an embedded Hoot and Intercom capability within their ITS platform. Based on IP technology the Hoot and Intercom capability is designed to enable traders and other users involved in the trade cycle to communicate from a range of user devices.

In this market economy, financial service organizations are looking for cost-effective communications solutions that can easily extend to multiple locations while still adhering to required monitoring and reporting capabilities. With WAVE, BT customers can be confident that they are getting a robust solution that provides them with the flexibility they need, as well as real-time visibility into who is currently using the system.

WAVE connects people, regardless of the communications devices they use, including analog and digital PBX phones, mobile phones, PCs and two-way radios. WAVE's secure VoIP-based system is extremely extensible, and connects people from multiple disparate environments from across the room to around the globe.

Using the WAVE Software Development Kit, BT developed ITS Communicator a PC based application that will enable traders to access hoot and intercom functionality and interoperate with ITS.Netrix. ITS Communicator provides users secure and cost-effective access to the hoot network from trading floors and other locations across the virtual enterprise, and in time the number of access devices will increase to cover IPT phones and PDA’s.

Neil Isaacson, Head of Product Management, BT Trading Systems said: “The decision to partner with Twisted Pair to offer hoot and intercom capabilities as an integral part of the ITS voice trading system reflects our strategy to promote the virtual trading organization. We chose Twisted Pair’s WAVE technology because it’s proven reliability, security, scalability, and survivability meets the stringent requirements we set for delivering products to our customers. A trader who is equipped with BT’s ITS Anywhere application and ITS Communicator will now be able to access hoots and intercoms and get a real feel for the market even when working remotely”.

“Business-critical hoot networks support thousands of users around the globe,” said Shaun Botha, CTO of Twisted Pair Solutions, Inc. "We are enabling our OEM partners, through open standards, software and the IP network, to lower the total cost of ownership of communications to the customer and extend their existing platforms. Financial trading is a key target market for Twisted Pair Solutions and partnering with a visionary company like BT further validates the power of our technology, and approach to this market.”

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