London - 19 September 2006

Perfect Information Provides Global Filings to Allen & Overy

Perfect Information, a global provider of financial information, announced that it supplying Allen & Overy global access to Perfect Filings, the company’s database comprising over seven million company filings. Allen & Overy’s global offices are using Perfect Filings to obtain fast and reliable access to shareholder circulars; bonds and RIS announcements. These are used as document precedents, to obtain the details of a transaction, as a news facility (RIS) and to find out more about company strategy.

Predominantly used by the London, Hong Kong and Western European offices, Allen & Overy save significant amounts of both time and space because the need to maintain a hard copy collection is negated. Moreover, the company benefits from Perfect Filings’ document collection itself. In particular, Allen and Overy saves time due to the quality of indexing within Perfect Filings, as the indexing and full text search allows users to save time wading through documents looking to see if they are relevant.

“We have worked with Perfect Information for over ten years,” said Sarah Fahy, Head of Global Services, Allen & Overy. “When we were looking for a global solution, there were a number of companies that offered a comparative service, however, Perfect Information’s products always were and remain the most comprehensive and user-friendly. The global service has also been able to save us a significant amount of time – and space – with regards to maintaining a hard copy collection and then trying to track down a relevant document.”

Perfect Filings

Perfect Filings is a global database comprising over seven million company filings, delivering International Filings and SEC Filings for corporate finance and capital markets specialists. Content includes: Company Annual Report & Accounts; International Bond prospectuses and pricing supplements; Company news announcements; Shareholder filings; US annuals and SEC filings; and Private Company Data (UK).

Perfect Filings provides a cost effective, accurate and time saving solution in global document search and retrieval. The database contains over 2,000 indexed search terms and documents are normally available on Perfect Filings within 24 hours of their release to the company’s shareholders.

“Long-term customers, such as Allen & Overy reflect our true dedication to customer service and our approach of listening to and taking into account clients’ needs during the product development stage,” said Greg Simidian, Managing Director, Perfect Information. “At the core of our product development is the desire to enhance clients’ methods of working, helping them to increase productivity rather than designing products that force them to change the way in which they work.”

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