ABN AMRO goes live with Caplin for instant delivery of internal bond inventories

London – 19 September 2006

Caplin Systems Ltd., the provider of web-based trading and market data platforms, today announced that ABN AMRO has gone live with Caplin’s technology to deliver real-time bond inventory data to its global sales staff via the web. Caplin’s thin-client technology allows the bank’s bonds division to distribute the information seamlessly and reliably to 19 offices and over 300 users. By utilising the web, the bank avoids having to support costly bespoke applications and networks.

Nick Jackson, fixed income technology portfolio manager, ABN AMRO, says: “Our previous intranet set-up didn’t have the crucial real-time capabilities that we needed. When considering a replacement, we quickly ruled out a thick-client solution as being too problematic to deploy across all our offices. Instead, we chose Caplin’s technology, which has proved to be both reliable and cost-effective, enabling us to deliver quick and accurate decision support information to sales.”

Caplin’s technology provides ABN AMRO with an internal market data platform that integrates with the bank’s databases and TIB bus to continuously collect the bond information. Caplin’s web platform then distributes it instantaneously using web technology over the ABN AMRO intranet. Users can view the data from any browser with access to the network, without having to configure individual desktops. The implementation took only three months, in which time Caplin installed the technology in ABN AMRO’s London offices on Sun Solaris servers.

Caplin’s technology provides a complete system for the collection, distribution and management of market data and trade messaging over intranets, extranets and the internet. It supports an unlimited number of sources and destinations, and deals effectively with permissioning, security, access control, latency monitoring and data routing. Its data platform manages and transforms data in real time and allows existing trading applications to publish the data. This can stand alone, or work with Caplin’s web platform. The web platform manages all aspects of delivery in real time via the internet, with full support for Ajax, Java, Unix and Windows platforms. Recent benchmarks showed that a single Caplin web server can deliver four million field updates per second and can support over 10,000 concurrent users.

Paul Caplin, CEO, Caplin, says: “Our thin-client technology has proved to be as beneficial to a firm in facilitating internal communications as it is in supporting external relationships. By adopting our data and web platforms for its internal decision support systems, ABN AMRO now has a more effective infrastructure that will provide added benefits in resilience and efficiency.”

Caplin’s technology serves over 80,000 end-users via many of the world’s leading financial institutions, including Citigroup, Royal Bank of Scotland, JPMorgan, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Royal Bank of Canada, Instinet and Nasdaq.

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