Don’t be complacent about your future The SAP Job Board warns SAP candidates

Recruitment specialist provides advice to ‘future proof’ SAP careers.

The SAP Job Board, part of The IT Job Board, group of specialist recruitment sites, is advising SAP professionals to take action to ensure they remain attractive to employers in the fast-paced IT environment. It has launched an educational guide for candidates, ‘The Top Ten Ways to Future-Proof your SAP Career’, to provide practical advice on maximising specialist SAP skills.

The guide reflects employers’ increasing focus on the need for IT professionals to have business skills in addition to keeping up-to-date with rapid changes in technology. It combines an overview of the current IT marketplace with specific knowledge of the enterprise applications sector to provide future predictions of an SAP employment arena which it believes will require hybrid ‘business-technologists’.

The SAP Job Board handbook goes on to expand on the following top ten recommendations to ‘future-proof’ SAP expertise: get web services exposure; improve software engineering skills; develop expertise in SAP partner technologies; consider project management; develop consulting skills; watch SAP’s acquisition programme closely; get systems integration experience; watch SAP’s rivals closely; develop management tools skills; and become expert in a specific (vertical) sector.

Ray Duggins, managing director of The SAP Job Board, says: “Although the SAP careers market is currently buoyant, candidates cannot become complacent. It is essential that they take responsibility for their own employability by constantly looking to the future and ensuring they supplement their skill base with expertise that will be required in one, three and five years’ time. However, The SAP Job Board recognises that this can be a daunting prospect so, in its commitment to providing an all-round employment service, it has developed ‘The Top Ten Ways to Future-Proof your SAP Career’. The objective is to help IT professionals view the bigger picture as well as assist them find the immediate positions they want.”

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