Tangosol Extends Data Grid Access throughout Enterprise

Somerville, MASS. - 12 September 2006

Tangosol, Inc., the leading provider of reliable data grid solutions, today announced the Coherence Data Grid Solution Set, which cost effectively extends enterprise access to the data grid with three new client connectivity options, each addressing unique business needs.

As enterprises deploy data virtualization technology as a key enabler for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), they are dramatically increasing the amount of data and business logic managed by their data grid infrastructures. In order to meet this growing demand and continue to lead the market in providing seamless, ubiquitous access to the data grid as a shared infrastructure, Tangosol has introduced the Coherence Data Grid Solution Set, broadening data grid access to large-scale compute grids, application servers, and desktop applications. In addition to expanding the accessibility of enterprise information, these new clients are designed to optimize data grid performance for a full range of applications, including clustered caching, parallel transactions, analytics, and event processing.

“The industry is facing several concurrent challenges: increasing demands for faster data access; opening up access to data still isolated in silos; ongoing cost pressure; continuous availability demands; and market competition driving shorter product/services delivery cycles,” observed Marty Dow, Chief Architect Internet Systems, GEICO. “Tangosol has really foreseen the need to provide flexible enterprise-wide access to the data grid. I believe that this technology will prove to be very valuable to organizations implementing SOA.”

“The introduction of the Coherence Data Grid Solution Set will accelerate the industry move toward virtualization by lowering the barriers to accessing data throughout the enterprise,” explained Cameron Purdy, CEO of Tangosol. “We listened to our customers, who expressed their strong desire for increasing access to the data grid to more parts of the organization as a means of further maximizing the value of their data grid investment. For Tangosol, this is great validation of our strategic direction."

Coherence Client Overview
• Coherence Data Client: Enterprise-wide access to services provided by the data grid.
• Coherence Real Time Client: Real-time access to data feeds, including near-caching of data on the client as well as continuous query caching.
• Coherence Compute Client: Optimized for data-intensive compute grid nodes as well as transaction intensive application servers.

The Coherence Data Grid Solution Set will be generally available in October, with the release of Coherence Data Grid 3.2, which includes added functionality:
• Increased functionality through grouping and composite parallel aggregators, conditional data grid processors, and Once And Only Once guarantees;
• Extended TCP/IP support with the Coherence Real Time Client and a path to direct access and interoperability for .NET and C++;
• Improved performance and resiliency through a network layer hyper-optimized for multi-core, Gigabit Ethernet, InfiniBand and remote GC detection, full peer-to-peer flow control and higher resiliency;
• Write-Behind caching improvements that insure no database impact during failover and load-balancing; and
• WebSphere 6.0 support, plus up-to-date certification on all IBM platforms

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