London and Paris - 12 September 2006

accessible via a single API, the QuantAPI

Quant House, the ultra low latency market data feeds and solutions provider for quant traders and low latency sensitive financial institutions, today announced the availability of the QuantFEEDHANDLER for PlusFeed from ComStock, an Interactive Data (NYSE: IDC) business. The QuantFEEDHANDLER technology is designed to allow easy integration of ComStock’s PlusFeed giving users access to a wide range of market data sources using a single API, the QuantAPI, available in C++, Java, .NET or FIX.

ComStock, a leading provider of real-time global market data and managed solutions, delivers a broad range of financial information to power mission critical electronic market data applications, including algorithmic trading engines where speed is crucial.

"The quant trading community is very demanding when it comes to new choices to meet their market data needs," says Stéphane Leroy, Head of global Sales and Marketing of Quant House. "Customers have been choosing Quant House not only for our low latency technology, but also our capabilities to meet their needs in terms of diversity of market data sources. Customers can now leverage ComStock's high-speed data feed, with its breadth and depth of content, using Quant House technology."

Herve Ferro, European Sales Director, ComStock, added: “We are delighted that Quant House has chosen ComStock for the reliability and diversity of PlusFeed. We believe that there is a need for a consolidated feed that offers both contributed and exchange-based minimal latency quotes, news and reference data. PlusFeed delivers real-time data from over 350 sources and exchanges worldwide, and now covers more than 3.2 million instruments.”

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