London - 11 September 2006

Thomson Financial, a division of The Thomson Corporation (NYSE: TOC; TSX: TOC), today announced the release of a new interface to Thomson Datastream, the world's largest historical financial numerical database, aimed at enhancing user productivity through intuitive functionality, enhanced integration with Microsoft Office and further integration with the Thomson ONE platform.

Thomas Aubrey, Investment Management Director, Thomson Financial
commented: "We appreciate the need for continued investment to support Thomson Datastream's market leading position as clients, especially in investment management and the hedge fund communities, rely on this solution to underpin their investment philosophies. The new, intuitive interface and enhanced functionality is in direct response to client feedback following extensive user research and testing. We have a strong understanding of our clients' requirements and these enhancements will have a tangible impact in helping improve their productivity and efficiency".

The investment in Thomson Datastream includes the following new interfaces, integration and content enhancements:

* New interface - to facilitate access to full breadth and depth
of Thomson Datastream content, with direct links to more-intuitive series search facilities reducing the number of clicks needed to access required content.
* Enhanced integration with Microsoft Office - to deliver greater
flexibility when manipulating Thomson Datastream content in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, such as the facility to re-edit transferred charts.
* Improved data integration in Excel - to increase the speed of
refresh by up to five times, in response to increasing use of Thomson Datastream by clients to drive complex financial models.
* Further integration into the Thomson ONE for Investment
Management - to enable a common look and feel, along with the sharing of index as well as equity symbols between the Datastream and Thomson ONE pages.
* Additional content - including extensive Credit Default Swaps
coverage, drawing on over 7,500 securities, as well as the whole range of iTraxx CDS indices.

Thomson Datastream is the world's largest and most respected historical financial numerical database covering an unparalleled breadth of financial instruments, equity and fixed income securities, and macro economic indicators for over 175 countries and 60 markets worldwide.

Datastream Advance 4.0 seamlessly integrates Datastream's unrivalled financial databases in a single interface on the clients' desktop. It offers sophisticated yet flexible analysis and charting facilities, and a powerful set of add-ins that enable the data and charts to be dynamically retrieved and manipulated within the user's Microsoft Office applications. Datastream Advance 4.0 deploys a centrally based and browser delivered series navigation component that facilitates identification of the correct time series from over 25 million available on Datastream.

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