Digipede Technologies Adds New Power to Grid Computing Software

Oakland, Calif., - 11 September 2006

The Digipede Network v1.3 offers enterprise developers and ISV partners easy integration with Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server, an improved and expanded API, and more.

Digipede Technologies, a leading provider of distributed computing solutions for the Microsoft Windows platform, today introduced the Digipede Networkâ„¢ version 1.3, featuring seamless integration with Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server; an expanded API for independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprise developers, finer control of IT resources, and other new features.

The Digipede Network removes needless complexity from grid computing implementations by enabling users to more easily grid-enable applications and pool the power of Windows desktops and servers to deliver dramatically improved performance for real-world business applications. The solution is built entirely on Microsoft .NET Framework technologies, and is radically easier to buy, install, learn, and use than competing grid solutions.

"With our newest version of the Digipede Network, our focus on ease of application integration and deployment is sharper than ever. Our customers and ISV partners now have increased capabilities to roll out new grid-enabled applications quickly and efficiently,” said John Powers, CEO of Digipede. "Since first introducing the Digipede Network in 2005, we have seen tremendous demand for grid capabilities across a wide range of applications. With the Digipede Network, more businesses of all sizes are realizing the benefits of grid computing for increased application performance and scalability."

"We’re pleased to be working with Digipede to bring grid computing capabilities to Microsoft developers,” said Joe Marini, group product manager of the Visual Studio Industry Partner program at Microsoft Corp. “The integration of the Digipede Framework SDK with Visual Studio 2005 gives .NET Framework-based developers the tools they need to build scalable, high-performance computing applications."

The Digipede Network version 1.3 features:

* Seamless integration with the recently released Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server, Microsoft’s high-performance computing platform;
* An improved and expanded API, for enterprise developers and ISV partners, providing more flexibility and power in their distributed applications;
* Greater flexibility in defining policies for use of IT resources by applications deployed on the grid;
* Additional flexibility in scheduling algorithms;
* And improvements in the user interface.

The Digipede Network integrates with and fully supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005. The Digipede Framework SDK, with support for .NET Framework 1.1, .NET Framework 2.0, and COM, allows developers to adapt their legacy applications to the grid while supporting the latest development tools. With the Digipede Framework SDK, developers can now produce high-performance distributed applications. The Digipede Network Professional Edition also ships (optionally) with SQL Server 2005.

The Digipede Network is an affordable distributed computing solution built entirely on the.NET Framework that dramatically improves the speed and performance of demanding real-world business applications. It is radically easier to buy, install and use than other grid-computing solutions. Using the Digipede Network, developers can easily write .NET Framework-based or COM applications that will take advantage of hundreds or thousands of computers, bringing the power of grid computing to the Windows platform.

The Digipede Network is available in two editions: the Digipede Network Team Edition meets the needs of small departments and labs that may only have up to 20 computers, while the Digipede Network Professional Edition supports large departments and enterprises with hundreds or thousands of desktops, servers, and cluster nodes across a network. Both editions include the Digipede Workbench, which is designed to shorten the learning curve so that users can become productive immediately. Through a familiar Windows user interface, users can run distributed computing jobs with ease. Wizards assist users with learning and using the system quickly, and powerful designers provide access to greater system functionality. No complex scripting is required.

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