Xcitek Custom Solutions™ Implemented at Major Investment Bank

New York, NY - 9 October 2006

Customised version of Xcitek Cost Basisâ„¢ allows Financial Advisors and branch staff to provide higher levels of Client Services

Xcitek®, the leading global provider of market data, Corporate Actions software and consulting services, today announced that it has deployed a customised version of its Cost Basis service on behalf of one of the nation’s top brokerage and investment banking firms.

Over 10,000 Financial Advisors (FAs) and other personnel throughout the major brokerage and investment bank, now have the ability to calculate the Cost Basis of clients’ equity and mutual fund positions back to the original trade date, as well as gain direct access to daily and historical Cost Basis information. Access is initiated via a secured session on the firm’s internal network with the application hosted via Xcitek’s network. The service features the proprietary Xcitek Cost Basis (XCB) Calculator™, which enables the automated derivation of a security’s Cost Basis, factoring-in all splits, spin-offs, distributions, mergers and other Cost Basis-affecting events. The Calculator also adjusts for the Cost Basis impact of Reinvested Dividends (DRIPs).

“For years, brokerage firms and other financial institutions have been struggling with the vexing problem of Cost Basis on client positions,” said Charles W. Price, Senior Vice President at Xcitek. “This service not only enables better Client Services, but also leads to significant cost savings. With the XCB Calculator, Financial Advisors and other staff can now answer clients’ questions instantly, without the manual research-based process that exists today. We are proud to roll out our second major installation of Xcitek Custom Solutions™ involving our Cost Basis service.”

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