X-Gen 3.5 Changes Everything Taking advantage of new SWIFT business services in 2007

Sweeping changes in new SWIFT services have created a window of opportunity for clear-sighted businesses who have adopted one of the new generations of BPA (Business Process Automation) solutions.

Compliance to SWIFTNet Real-Time Cash Reporting, Exceptions and Investigations, SWIFTNet Funds and SEPA, connectivity protocols SAA and SAG plus SWIFT standards FIN / ISO2022 XML – are driving demand for one over-arching solution that addresses change today - and tomorrow.

“Businesses can take advantage of the rapid evolution of new SWIFT services by employing one of the new generation of BPA products like X-Gen, certified SWIFT Ready Gold label for financial EAI for eight consecutive years,” said Eric Meirlaen, SWIFT EAI industry analyst.

With the new release of version 3.5, X-Gen has completed its migration from a tactical financial integration tool to a full featured strategic Business Process Automation (BPA) suite. X-Gen Integration Suiteâ„¢ allows users to quickly and efficiently build custom applications, integrate legacy systems and adopt international standards without the usual risk and pain that has become synonymous with changes to IT infrastructure or business processes.

Dirk Vesper, Swissrisk Senior Product Manager for X-Gen points out, “Today the challenge to keep pace with the changes affecting our industry can be overwhelming. However businesses using the new X-Gen Integration Suite™ of modules can actually profit from this reality as they are able to easily adapt and
leverage new SWIFT services for their customers’ and their own profit.”

With a new web-based portal front end, X-Gen version 3.5 offers an advanced suite of applications engineered to facilitate user intervention, approval, matching, repair or entry of business transactions.

For businesses using the new X-Gen Integration Suiteâ„¢, the challenge is no longer managing change, but profiting from it.

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