Join the Real-Time World Liquidity Locator™ - new Real-Time Cash Reporting solution released at Sibos

Gain entry to the exclusive world of Real-Time. Liquidity Locatorâ„¢, the first of a new generation of Real-Time Solutions engineered for the new SWIFT Cash Reporting Service is released today and available for demo at Sibos stand M03.

“SWIFTNet Cash Reporting responds to the need to exchange real-time information on cash held in accounts maintained at various counterparties in a fully standardised way. And while it was launched in 2003, in the
past year it has seen increasing interest from financial institutions and corporates around the world,” said Isabelle Volckaert, Product Manager, SWIFTNet Cash Reporting.

Dirk Vesper, Head of Payments Business for Swissrisk explains what all the excitement is about. “SWIFT Real-Time Cash Reporting has always been a great idea, but there were very few products to support it. As a SWIFTSolution Partner since 1999, Swissrisk saw the need and specifically developed the Liquidity Locator
family of solutions to fully utilize the new SWIFT cash services.”

Liquidity Locator’s functionality was influenced by and directly impacts International Clearing Systems that demand Real-Time cash reporting services to stay competitive. Better Intra Day liquidity management delivers huge cost savings and risk reduction when dealing in Real-Time instead of end of day batch systems.

The solution is designed for specific payment businesses to allow the minimum effort to implement and integrate into existing applications and processes. Liquidity Locator is built on the widely recognized benchmark for integration and Business Process Automation: X-Gen, assuring compatibility to back office and
existing liquidity management systems.

Certified with SWIFTNet Ready Labels for Real-Time Account Information (User and Provider), Liquidity Locator brings total consolidation for viewing accounts and transactions. Fully compliant with SWIFTNet Cash Reporting Solution based on ISO20022, Liquidity Locator benefits equally corporates and financial institutions.

Naturally full support is built-in for ad hoc real time queries and FIN based cash reporting messaging can be consolidated into the unified view. Liquidity Locator is one of the few solutions capable of supporting the endto- end transaction chain.
Stop by stand M03 and speak to Dirk Vesper or another Payments business expert during Sibos. Demos for Liquidity Locator will be offered at Swissrisk’s Sibos stand on a first come first serve basis.

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