Sydney - 9 October 2006

Software Leverages Existing Investment in Systems

At Sibos 2006 in Sydney today, Aleri Inc. announced that its industry-leading Aleri Liquidity Management System (LMS) offers European banks and institutions a cost-effective and highly efficient solution to quickly address new liquidity management requirements and achieve the potential benefits created by Target2, RTAI and SEPA. Aleri is presenting the Aleri Liquidity Management System at Booth E16.

“Banks recognize the need to more closely link their treasury, payments and risk management operations across the enterprise in order to fully comply with and benefit from the coming market changes,” said Don DeLoach, CEO of Aleri. “At the same time, banks know that investing in new payment systems, or integrating disparate cash management and payment systems, can be expensive, risky and hard to justify.”

Aleri LMS, which gives banks a unified view of their overall cash positions, offers banks a simple, yet very powerful solution to this dilemma. Aleri LMS, which sits “on top of” a bank’s many separate cash management and payment systems, moves data into and out of each system in sub-seconds, acting as a new centralized system.

“With the Aleri Liquidity Management System, banks can quickly and easily meet these new mandates and leverage the systems already in place,” said DeLoach

RTAI, or SWIFTNet Real-Time Account Information, addresses the needs for banks to exchange real-time information on cash held in the various accounts at both the domestic and international level. Target2, scheduled to go live in November 2007, will offer a single technical platform for clearing and settlement. SEPA, the Single European Payment Area, seeks to help companies and citizens within the European Union make cross-border euro payments as easily and securely as they do with domestic payments, with a timeline for January 2008.

“In addition to offering many other important benefits, including better management of intraday liquidity and reduction in operational costs, the Aleri Liquidity Management system can also offer a fast, cost effective path to Target2 compliance, connecting to Target2 and isolating payment formatting changes required from their existing back office and payment processing applications,” added DeLoach.

Built on the Aleri Streaming Platform, Aleri LMS leverages new event stream processing technology to keep disparate cash management and payment systems synchronized, offering banks a to-the-second view of their intraday
liquidity. Aleri LMS automates the process of forecasting and monitoring intraday liquidity utilization, manages and controls liquidity flows, and provides an analytic framework to continuously optimize global liquidity management strategies. By automating time-consuming, manual processes, funding and treasury managers can focus on implementing cost-effective liquidity strategies that optimize cash resources and reduce operational costs while protecting the institution's competitive position and reputation in the marketplace.

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