Newtown, PA and Charlotte, NC – 30 October 2006

CoreStates Capital Advisors now creates a custom composite investment strategy for a client, blending the strategies from a library of select third parties money managers, implemented in a single, unified account. Additionally, CoreStates’ advisors can now access critical information, e.g., recent activity, allocations, or current rates of return at the household, account, manager, class or style level, instantaneously when a client calls. And for client review meetings, CoreStates now presents a highly polished report book providing a concise yet informative view of the client’s portfolio and the CoreStates investment strategies utilized. Utilizing Adhesion’s WealthADV Platform, CoreStates continues to enhance the level of the wealth management services it provides.

Bill Spiropoulos, CoreState’s president and CEO, elaborated: “When we first went independent we attempted to 'roll our own' solution by acquiring a number of products and services from multiple vendors, thinking that we could save some money. What a mistake that turned out to be. We shouldered the responsibility and expense of making all those pieces work together, and the far greater cost to clean up the mess when they did not. With the wisdom of hindsight I cannot overstate that value of the integration of Adhesion's WealthADV Platform. The savings of both time and expense are significant from what I had before. All the components work seamlessly, my client data is all in one place and easily accessible, and I don't have to spend any time worrying about the technology and its operation. WealthADV is absolutely state-of-the-market, bar none. Additionally, Adhesion’s people are top notch. Just recently we lost our operations manager. Adhesion’s client service team picked up the added responsibility, helping maintain the service levels to our clients and getting us through some critical activities such as quarter end billing. I can’t say enough about their professionalism.”

Spiropoulos added, “The real value of the WealthADV Platform is how it fits with my vision for growing the business. With its overlay management technology and library of strategies from quality managers I am now offering my clients an innovative and customized investment management service with the opportunity for enhanced returns and at a lower cost. Equally important, having a solid operating platform allows me to bring on additional advisors and clients without swamping myself and my staff. WealthADV’s advanced features help in recruiting of other advisors, and I can easily replicate my business model in any new location. My expectations for growing my business have definitely expanded.”

Rich Conley, Director of Sales at Adhesion Technologies commented, “I am pleased to partner with CoreStates Capital Advisors. Our WealthADV solution aligns very well with Mr. Spiropoulos’ strategic vision for his business. CoreStates Capital, like many other leading independent RIAs, has a distinct advantage over wire houses and private banks in that it works strictly in the best interest of their clients delivering unbiased and highly customized investment services. Historically, the RIA’s only hurdle was trying match the technology and operational infrastructure of these large organizations, but no longer. With Adhesion Technologies’ WealthADV Platform independent RIA’s now surpass their wire house brethren."

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