London - 30 October 2006

Gissing RealtimeXL 2.2 runs up to twice as fast as rival Excel add-in when using native Microsoft Real Time Data functions

Gissing Software, solution specialists in the routing and transformation of real-time market and trade data, today announced the immediate availability of Gissing RealtimeXL 2.2, the fastest ever version of its real-time Excel add-in.

Gissing has optimised the executed code within Gissing RealtimeXL 2.2 to deliver immediate performance advantages and tests have demonstrated substantially improved performance over previous releases and other similar products.

The Gissing Spreadsheet Converter software supplied with Gissing RealtimeXL 2.2 enables organisations to easily convert existing real-time Excel spreadsheets to use Gissing RealtimeXL functions. Tests have shown that after conversion, a like-for-like spreadsheet using Gissing RealtimeXL runs 10-15% faster than the same spreadsheet using a leading alternative add-in.

Further dramatic improvements in performance are made when Gissing RealtimeXL 2.2 is used to make direct calls to the Microsoft Real Time Data (RTD) interface. Tests have shown that in most circumstances the converted sheet will run at double the normal speed, which is highly significant when the most widely used real-time Excel add-in on the market doesn’t offer this capability.

Gissing RealtimeXL now provides full support for both Bloomberg and Reuters real-time data through a single Excel add-in; the Bloomberg market data interface utilises the Bloomberg client API, which also allows access to a broader selection of Bloomberg data items and functionality than Bloomberg’s own single-source add-in. Additionally version 2.2 includes the implementation of a native Reuters RFA market data interface that substantially accelerates the subscription to Reuters’ market data.

“Reducing costs and adding the capability to subscribe to multiple sources of data simultaneously is important, but speed is paramount to achieving a competitive edge in today’s financial markets,” said Nick Braybrooke, product manager for Gissing RealtimeXL. “More than 20 financial services organisations have evaluated Gissing RealtimeXL in the past few months and have told us they have one overriding priority: speed. We believe that Gissing RealtimeXL 2.2 delivers performance improvements along with its other benefits such as reduced processor loading and subscription to multiple sources of data, but because this is so dependent on the precise configuration, we would encourage technology professionals to try it out and see the results for themselves”.

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