New FORPOST System Version Released

Vilnius - 27 October 2006

Forbis Ltd. - In October, 2006 the Forbis Company has released a new 4.3.4 version of the FORPOST Banking Information System.

The release of a new version is one of the main tasks in the support of the clients of the Forbis Company. There have been performed certain modifications with the purpose of improving and developing functional possibilities in the system kernel, modules, product subsystem, reports, Internet Banking, and other areas of the system.

• An XSR (XML SQL Reporting) subsystem has been created in FORPOST, based on XSD (verification of a document by its description) and XSL(T) (transformation of a document according to a prepared template-program) technologies; this system is intended for more convenient and modern presentation of data. XSR provides preparation (including assigning of parameters and substitutions) and execution of queries to database as well as formation of results in XML and their further transformation into required form (if needed).

• Significant improvements have been made in the subsystem for processing customers' applications.

• Remote banking services are undoubtedly an essential part of the banking business. Internet services and functional possibilities are rapidly increasing and being constantly improved. New functionality has been added to the FORPOST*Internet Banking product: a page for viewing and managing auxiliary orders has been created; workgroups of users have been significantly developed. A lot of modifications have been made in FORPOST*Mobile Banking, making this product more convenient, flexible, and secure.

• Taking into account requirements of the banks, the new version of the Forex product has also been improved. New developments include revaluation of FRA deals by the real market value, possibility to describe a common limit for deposits and currency exchange deals, payment of option premium in any chosen currency, and other improvements.

The Forbis Company continuously improves and develops the FORPOST Banking Information System, developing current products as well as creating new modules and products. Special attention is paid to improving and customising the already created products in the banks, serviced by the Forbis Company.

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