New grid infrastructure for scalable complex calculations

Zurich - 25 October 2006

The latest riskpro(tm) release provides a highly customizable and flexible grid computing infrastructure granting more control over complex and bulky calculations.

By means of a new workflow tool called Shaman the performance can be considerably increased through distributed hardware. The concept behind this consists in breaking up bulky calculations into smaller packages which are then dispatched to multiple processors and / or servers.

riskpro(tm) enables financial organizations to measure and monitor risk and profitability enterprise-wide with a single cost effective integrated analysis infrastructure. riskpro(tm) covers ALM, market and credit risk analytics including Exposure Analysis, Value at Risk, Funds Transfer Pricing, Dynamic Simulation, Basel I and II, Risk-Adjusted Performance Analysis, IFRS 39, etc. These analyses cover all financial products, from saving accounts to exotic options, for any type of accepted valuation method. The underlying universal contract-centric data model and calculation engine of riskpro(tm) ensures precision and consistency in all results. riskpro(tm) is currently being used or implemented in over 200 small to large financial organizations in 16 countries.

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