25 october 2006

Global Reviews, an international market research and consulting firm, announced today the opening of its European headquarters in London. The new office is primarily in response to UK financial services firms seeking to capitalise on new customer channels away from the traditional bank branch. Adam Goodvach, co-founder of Global Reviews, will head the company’s London-based office.

Every time a customer shops online, they conduct an informal benchmark. They visit several websites before making a decision and the quality of the experience given by the website impacts on their purchasing decision. As a result, there is growing awareness in the UK of the need to develop websites from the consumer’s perspective. Global Reviews can assist firms in prioritising website enhancements so that they have the maximum positive impact on consumers.

Global Reviews uses an objective benchmarking approach to the measurement of how websites serve the consumers who visit them. Gathering data across an entire market (for example, credit cards or insurance) enables a like-for-like comparison to be made across companies.

Benchmarks are built on global best practice, which means that innovations that may not have reached the local market can be considered as part of a client's strategy to gain a competitive advantage. The benchmarks are given relevance by an overlay of customer opinion. The weighting system gives greater emphasis to the areas of the benchmark that are more important to consumers.

The detail of the benchmarks enables very specific recommendations to be made to clients for improvement. These recommendations consider the competitive environment and consumer preferences to ensure that they are relevant to clients and serve the consumer. Clients will benefit from significant improvements to their conversion and acquisition rates.

“It is great to know that the benchmarking model we have developed over the past decade in Australia has unique application across global markets in the world,” said Adam Goodvach, co-founder and director of Global Reviews. “We are able to not only highlight the areas that companies need to work on, but provide them with specific analysis and advice to ensure easy implementation to improve performance.

“Our decision to open a UK office was prompted by client pressure and the desire to further enhance our coverage of global best practice. This will ensure we deliver even greater insights to our clients.”

For the past six years, Global Reviews has been successfully servicing clients such as HSBC, Citibank, Qantas and the Virgin Group in Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, Global Reviews data benefits four of the five top banks, eight of the 10 largest health insurers, both major airlines and eight of the ten leading energy companies. Client re-subscription rates are over 80% with data being used as a website KPI at board level for many major clients.

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