London, UK - 24 October 2006

ioinet’s WatchList Automatically Locates and Discreetly Displays Liquidity of Preferred Securities for Buy-side Firms

FIX CITY, independent software provider of FIX solutions and Indication of Interest (IOI) delivery services, today announced enhancements to ioinet, its class leading IOI distribution service for the global investment management sector. The latest version of ioinet went live on 23 October to FIX CITY’s global client base.

ioinet version 5.0 centres on the globalisation of the product, enabling buy-side traders to view IOIs and advertised trades for a single security, across multiple exchanges, aiding the discovery of liquidity and trading opportunities.

Paul Scott, director, FIX CITY, comments: “We have seen a definite move by our clients towards wanting to trade on a more global basis. Rather than focusing on a security traded on a particular exchange, buy- and sell-side firms are considering the bigger picture. If there is no liquidity in Oracle in London, for example, perhaps there is in New York. With ioinet, users can now view the liquidity of any chosen security across all the different markets it can be traded on, at the click of a button.”

FIX CITY has also enhanced ioinet’s intuitive and configurable WatchList facility. The WatchList, which provides buy-side firms with proactive notification and an at-a-glance picture of liquidity on their target securities, highlighting potential trading partners and enabling them to swiftly capitalise on market opportunities, is now available as a horizontal or vertical ticker according to user preference. This functionality allows the user to remain proactively notified about liquidity whilst taking up even less desk-top real estate. The position and size of the ticker can be tailored according to user requirements and even embedded within the Windows task bar.

Paul Scott, director, FIX CITY, adds: “ioinet’s configurable and non-intrusive WatchList allows the buy-side to see the IOIs on stocks of interest at all times. This is a significant break from existing market solutions: designed to take up minimal screen space ioinet’s WatchList not only ensures the buy-side trader is proactively informed of liquidity whilst not diverting their eye away from trading activity but it also removes the need to navigate large volumes of IOI messages and therefore the possibility of missing opportunities whilst manually recapping.”

ioinet’s WatchList eliminates the need to continually search manually, allowing the buy-side to focus on trading without being diverted from the trading screen while ensuring the buy-side trader doesn’t miss opportunities to trade with liquidity on preferred securities. The WatchList can be updated according to the dealer’s order book and automatically refreshes with the latest IOIs. In addition, ioinet’s easy to use Graphical User Interface offers graphs and charts, enabling the buy-side to carry out analysis on liquidity sources and trading activity.

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