DataMirror broadens support for native log-based data integration

Toronto and Santa Clara, CA – 23 October 2006

Provides Change Data Capture technology for DB2, UDB, Oracle and SQL Server

DataMirror (TSX: DMC), a leading provider of real-time data integration and data protection solutions, has announced its continued commitment to native log-based data integration with support for Microsoft SQL Server.

This extends DataMirror’s powerful native log-based, Change Data Capture (CDC) technology to a wide range of customers. DataMirror currently provides native log-based support for Oracle, UDB and DB2 platforms. Support for Microsoft SQL Server will be available in early 2007. DataMirror will be showcasing its CDC technology at Oracle OpenWorld 2006 (Booth #1024), being held October 22-26, 2006 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

“Organizations today are running large, mission-critical applications and can no longer afford to shut down their production systems for batch integration processes,” said Herman Wallenburg, Chief Scientist, DataMirror Corporation. “DataMirror’s native log-based technology guarantees access to the data they need when they need it without slowing the performance of production applications so they can make better business decisions, run smoother operations, win new customers and partners, and increase their bottom line.”

Highlights of Native Log-based Change Data Capture

Rather than using triggers or performing queries against the database, DataMirror’s real-time data integration solutions incorporate native, log-based CDC technology to capture changed data directly from database logs. This ensures that the performance of even the most demanding mission-critical applications running on the source system isn’t adversely impacted. Only changes are replicated, rather than all of the data in the changed tables, for much greater scalability since less data is being moved.

Unlike trigger-based solutions, native log-based CDC does not significantly impact the performance of the database nor does it impact the stability of the database systems and applications. DataMirror’s CDC technology can even operate on a remote server, further reducing the impact on the performance of the database server.

Unlike traditional ETL (extract, transform, load), batch load, query or message-based systems, DataMirror’s CDC-based technology:

• captures changes continuously as they occur so information is always up-to-date – not just as current as the last batch window;
• does not impact mission-critical production systems;
• does not require batch windows and does not require system downtime to extract and apply data;
• easily scales to very large databases and large numbers of transactions;
• does not require changes to the source system yet can detect all transactions including descriptive information about the change (user, application, time, etc); and,
• enables audit and compliance by logging all changes to the system, not just the net results of those changes.

To increase efficiencies, DataMirror’s data integration solutions can operate in real-time CDC mode, batch refresh or net-change CDC mode. With CDC, data is processed throughout the day, as the changes occur, rather than during a nightly batch window. This means organizations can eliminate redundant data transfer, free up their batch window for other tasks, and save network bandwidth.

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