Boston, MA and Cary, NC - 24 October 2006

Alliance Delivers Enhanced Business Agility and Instantaneous Response Capabilities For Real-Time Events

Covelight Systems and StreamBase Systems today announced a new strategic partnership to empower high-volume, low-latency processing and analysis of online data and events for applications, including Business Intelligence (BI), web analytics, performance monitoring, fraud detection and protection, and prevention of identify theft. This alliance combines Covelight’s real-time, application-independent online management solutions with StreamBase’s real-time and historical Complex Event Processing (CEP) software. Ultimately, the partnership delivers a sophisticated new class of CEP business applications for ensuring data security and enabling businesses to react in real-time to online activities. These applications can be prototyped and built in as little as a few hours to days and process data at rates greater than 500,000 messages/second.

“The pervasiveness of real-time data has created a new class of challenges, including monitoring and protection of personal information, such as credit card numbers and social security numbers, which are transmitted through numerous online channels,” said Barry Morris, Chairman and CEO of StreamBase. “Customers have asked us to integrate StreamBase’s stream processing platform with Covelight’s ability to capture real-time online operational data, so that we may offer enhanced capabilities to instantaneously prevent or react to online activities.”

StreamBase’s Stream Processing Engine for CEP provides industry-leading performance, multiple options for persistent storage, and standards-based programmability with StreamSQL™ — three major capabilities required to power enterprise-class stream processing applications. StreamBase will use Covelight’s Inflight Intelligence Engine™ (IIE), based on Covelight’s revolutionary CTF architecture, to extend its real-time event processing footprint via an integrated event stream adapter. The combined Covelight / StreamBase solution captures online operational data in real-time, transforms the data into useful events, and then feeds it instantaneously for use in a variety of business applications, including network system monitoring and fraud detection.

“Coupling StreamBase’s engine with Inflight delivers a level of real-time user detail that is highly valuable to nearly every business,” stated Spencer Snedecor, Covelight’s CEO. “We’re thrilled with the combined Covelight and StreamBase offering to deliver a real-time event platform, as it provides value to nearly any enterprise application. Businesses can now take action based on events instantaneously, driving a new level of business agility.”

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