AppFusion announces plans for Adobe's Apollo

San Diego, CA – 23 October 2006

AppFusion, the leading provider of Rich Internet Applications based Business Intelligence solutions announced today that it plans to provide full support for Apollo, Adobe’s upcoming cross-operating system runtime for deploying Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) to the desktop.

Building on the success of it’s current RIA based BI offering, AppFusion will leverage additional capabilities that Apollo will bring in areas such as File I/O, Disconnected Mode, Windowing, Clipboard, System Drag and Drop, Full Network API support, Local Storage / Setting, Updating to not just narrow the gap between the browser and the desktop but deliver BI applications to the desktop that are more responsive, more intuitive and better performing than the current platform-specific competitive offerings.

“For a long time, industry experts have predicted that Internet applications will go beyond what current generation browsers are capable of. AppFusion’s strategy to leverage this powerful capability to deliver Rich Internet Applications based BI directly to the desktop on a cross-platform basis will deliver on this promise,“ said Arshak Navruzyan President & CEO of AppFusion.

What Apollo will mean for AppFusion’s Business Intelligence solutions:

· Inter-Application Communication (IAC) protocol to make it easy for Business Intelligence applications to communicate with operational systems. IAC will allow BI to evolve to what IDC calls Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). “BI will find its way to the vast majority of users by being embedded within the operational applications already used by these end users.” IDC Opinion #202603, July 2006

· Ability to use local disk resource for data caching and the ability to work directly with local files as data sources without server uploading

· Operating System Native and Custom UI including windowing, icons and chrome with full 32bit transparency

· Close integration with PDF documents, supporting embedding “live” dashboards that allow recipients to perform sophisticated analysis within the PDF document itself. Additionally, the data displayed on the live dashboard will be automatically filtered based upon the user profile of the document recipient.

· Provide a mechanism for automatic application updates

AppFusion is targeting the release of BI Platform for RIA Desktop for the first half of 2007 in conjunction with Adobe’s release of Apollo 1.0.

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