2 October 2006

e-Docs UK, a leading provider of advanced document management solutions, has unveiled the latest version of DocWorks. This powerful document retrieval solution has been enhanced to meet the need for rapid access to electronically archived corporate data and will enable organisations to manage information more efficiently whilst reducing costs.

DocWorks gives users secure, instant access to documents from any location, twenty-four hours a day through the Internet or corporate Intranet and delivers rapid retrieval for all file formats. It is now one of the only document retrieval solutions to offer full text search for both computer output and scanned images as a standard feature without requiring additional investment.

Another new feature is the ability to centrally store emails and associated attachments along with all other documentation relating to a project or client. DocWorks also enables video content such as training films, documentaries and other video footage to be archived and viewed over the Internet.

“DocWorks is an infinitely scaleable solution that will help organisations to migrate from unreliable hard storage media such as CDs and DVDs,” commented to Colin Baterip, Managing Director of e-Docs UK. “It streamlines the document management process and enables organisations to comply with corporate governance guidelines and internal policies relating to the tracking and storage of important corporate data.”

DocWorks gives fully audited, secure access to a multitude of document types that can be grouped in a variety of departmental applications. Unlike some systems where only searches are restricted, all attempts to retrieve documents are validated against the user’s permissions. All searches and retrievals are logged giving a full audit trail for all data loaded, located and retrieved. Network security can be further enhanced using standard SSL certificates.

Document distribution efficiency has been improved by enabling users to quickly access a single page or select multiple pages that will be automatically compiled into a single file. Where longer documents are being stored, thumbnails can be viewed to select specific pages making downloads faster and more efficient.

DocWorks also delivers faster query handling in accounts payable applications. A ‘get next’ button improves batch management by allowing users to quickly move to the next query in the routing and queuing system. Further productivity increases and cost savings can be derived from creating secure user accounts to give external customers or suppliers direct access to documents such as copy invoices and proof of deliveries.

According to Doug Wiggins, National Credit Manager at King UK, the leading supplier of non food products to pubs, restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, schools, leisure centres and offices: “e-Docs UK has provided us with an easy transition from paper-based invoicing to e-billing. By achieving faster, more accurate billing and improving invoice query handling, we have significantly reduced our debtor days. DocWorks has also delivered higher levels of control and greater accountability for all paperwork processed”

e-Docs UK is one of the UK’s leading independent providers of document and business process management solutions. Formerly known as Archive & Access Technology Ltd, the company works with well-known blue chip clients as well as smaller organisations to deliver a range of high quality, client-focused solutions. The company has partnerships with ‘best of breed’ technology suppliers including Readsoft and Hyland Software.

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