ISE Launches ISEE Select™

New York - 18 October 2006

An Enhanced Sentiment Data Tool

The International Securities Exchange (NYSE: ISE) today announced the launch of ISEE Selectâ„¢, its customized sentiment data offering. Through an intuitive browser application, ISEE Select enables subscribers to identify investor sentiment for individual securities or select industry sectors based on a unique calculation methodology that uses proprietary ISE opening customer trade data.

“ISEE Select provides investors with key metrics that will complement their existing strategies for investment research and analysis,” said David Krell, ISE’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Krell continued, “As an exchange, ISE collects vast quantities of data, and the objective of our ongoing Information and Market Data Initiative is to create innovative products using this data so that investors can access critical resources to trade smarter.”

ISEE Select is an enhancement of the highly-regarded ISEE Sentiment Index, through which ISE has provided an aggregate view of market direction based on the trading activity of options investors since 2003. Michael Schwartz, Chief Options Strategist at Oppenheimer and Co., said, “It is important for options and stock traders alike to know the sentiment values for the securities they trade. Sentiment values derived from the options market can provide a valuable indicator of the future direction of the underlying stock.”

Through an intuitive browser application, ISEE Select enables retail and institutional subscribers to evaluate the market outlook for individual securities or select industry sectors by scanning the market for extreme sentiment values among ISE traded listings. For example, if an investor wants to determine the securities with the highest sentiment values in the homebuilding sector, the ISEE Select scanning tool will survey the homebuilding companies traded on ISE and return a list of the three securities with the highest ISEE Select values. This information can assist investors with portfolio evaluation and trading strategy. ISEE Select also offers a query tool that allows users to look up the sentiment value for specific securities.

Unlike the traditional put/call ratio, the ISEE Select sentiment calculation includes only opening long ISE customer transactions. The result is that ISEE Select’s sentiment index calculation may provide a more accurate reflection of true investor sentiment since trading activity by market makers and proprietary desks can often skew a sentiment value.

ISEE Select is available on a subscription basis through the ISE website for a low monthly fee.
In an effort to offer this customized investment indicator and analysis tool to a broad spectrum of the investment community, ISE has also created a marketing alliance program. Inaugural ISEE Select marketing alliance partners include Interactive Brokers LLC, optionsXpress, Inc., and CyberTrader Inc., the direct access subsidiary of The Charles Schwab Corp. Alliance partners will provide a special promotional code to their clients so they will receive a discounted subscription fee when signing up for ISEE Select.

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