Reuters and TAP announce coverage of Reuters Knowledge Direct on TAPMaster

New York - 16 October 2006

TAP Solutions (TAP) and Reuters are pleased to announce the introduction of two new feed managers for the TAPMaster suite: Reuters Estimates and Reuters Fundamentals from Reuters Knowledge Direct. TAPMaster now provides full data coverage across 21 major data feeds from 11 different vendors, including Reuters Datascope. The addition of these Reuters Knowledge products significantly extends the universe of corporate level content to support investment research, risk management, and counterparty applications.

“Utilizing TAPMaster, Reuters' customers can extract further value from the Knowledge Direct suite of high quality content,” says Reuters’ Customer Propositions Manager for Knowledge Direct, Geoffrey Horrell. “The automation, storage, and deployment capabilities of TAP’s platform are truly out-of-the-box, delivering all our data content directly to the capital markets staff when, where, and how they need it.”

TAPMaster automates the collection of vendor and internal data feeds, standardizes the content based on a comprehensive cross-asset data model, and stores the records with full attribution in a single relational database, ready for deployment to support value-added activities across the enterprise. Reuters Estimates feed manager provides customers with comprehensive and timely delivery of forecasted revenue, profit, EBITDA, cash flow, and three flavors of EPS, while Reuters Fundamentals delivers income statement and balance sheet details for over 45,000 companies worldwide.

“Reuters markets a very comprehensive collection of global data content across all asset classes and data types,” says Marc Alvarez, EVP Products at TAP. “By combining this extensive capital markets coverage with TAPMaster’s operational capabilities, clients have immediate and full access to support their businesses. With these new data sets in production, our joint customers win with the fastest time to market and the ability to reuse this sophisticated content across their organizations using the latest technologies and interfaces.”

TAP expects to announce support for additional Reuters' products in the coming months as the companies work closely together to provide clients with instant access to the entire Reuters portfolio of securities, corporate, and associated data.

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