Eiger Systems announces SWIFT Connectivity Programme for EigerPAY Gateway®

11 October 2006

Eiger Systems, an Experian company and a leading developer of strategic payment solutions, has announced that EigerPAY Gateway, its global enterprise payments system, will offer connectivity to SWIFTNet, the global payments messaging service, by early 2007.

“Given SWIFT’s importance in underpinning the global cross-border payments market(1), connectivity to SWIFTNet will transform EigerPAY Gateway into a truly global payments platform,” says Matthew Croxford, Eiger Systems’ corporate payments market analyst.

“This is a logical next step as part of our global strategy to establish EigerPAY Gateway as the premier payments platform for submitters with complex payment requirements” adds Matthew Croxford.

“With corporates increasingly needing to make payments overseas, the ability to consolidate different payment systems and channels, and control them through a single window, such as SWIFTNet, offers enormous benefits. Utilising SWIFTNet simplifies the entire payments process, eliminates the complexities created by different standards and requirements and significantly reduces cost and risk. The fact that SWIFT is the global messaging standard also helps corporate organisations to future-proof their systems.”

EigerPAY Gateway’s planned support for SWIFT is the latest in a series of developments designed to position EigerPAY Gateway as a global payments platform for banks and multi-national organisations. “EigerPAY Gateway’s flexible architecture will appeal to all organisations that use multiple payment channels such as SWIFT, CHAPS, emerging PE-ACHs(2) or multiple domestic clearing houses,” adds Matthew Croxford. “Its extensive functionality allows users to centralise their core payment processes by integrating all required domestic and global communication channels into a single interface”.

EigerPAY Gateway is a global payments platform with the ability to handle complex payment requirements together with multiple payment channels. Since its launch in June 2003, EigerPAY Gateway has become the leading solution for connectivity to BACS(3), the UK’s Automated Clearing House (ACH), processing more BACS transactions than any other system.

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