Wombat Platform Implemented By Bear Stearns

Successful Implementation Bearing Fruits of Speed and Reliability

NEW YORK, March 23, 2006 - Wombat Financial Software, Inc., the market leader in low-latency trading technology, today announced that Bear Stearns has adopted the Wombat Platform for low latency market data distribution and integration. The system has been in production for over a year, testifying to the long term viability of Wombat’s market data solution.

Wombat was implemented by the Bear Stearns Equities Analytics and Systematic Trading (E.A.S.T.sm) Division in New York. Bear Stearns evaluated multiple low latency solutions and selected Wombat based on the overall breadth and strength of the offering that combines Wombat’s direct exchange feed handlers, high speed messaging and application integration capabilities. Bear Stearns has also integrated Wombat with value added applications for data storage, analytics and publishing.

“Wombat has enabled Bear Stearns to consistently focus on our business of providing best execution to institutional investors by largely removing the complexities of coping with data feed integration,” said Jerome Downey, Senior Managing Director of Bear Stearns. “They’ve proven themselves to be a viable alternative in the market data management arena.”

“Customer satisfaction is what sets successful entrepreneurs apart from the crowd, and in that vein we are most pleased to make this announcement of a successful customer deployment with a leader like Bear Stearns. Wombat’s unwavering focus is to provide a comprehensive, well engineered product line for handling and distributing high speed market data with the lowest possible latency. For customers, this means they can execute on their business strategies resting assured their systems are unencumbered by bottlenecks in their market data systems,” commented Ron Verstappen, CEO of Wombat.

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