'Third way' courses transform compliance training

Unique, practical-based courses with cutting-edge graphics are breathing new life into financial services regulatory training following a partnership between two of the country's leading providers. Fuel, the UK's premier provider of e-learning courseware, and Eukleia Training, the leading regulatory trainer in financial services, have today announced their jointly developed series of graphic-rich, scenario-based e-learning courses.

Pioneering a 'third way' in e-learning, the new courseware delivers the customisation and design values of bespoke courses, with the cost advantages
and rapid delivery of a generic product.

The courses also take a pragmatic, rather than legislative, approach to ensuring compliance. The programmes engage and excite staff through learning metaphors, which aid understanding, and high quality graphics to provide visual interest.

Steve Dineen, founder of Fuel, explains how its e-learning programmes are overcoming the challenges of compliance training: "By using real-life scenarios we have made learning more relevant and engaging. This gives the learner a deeper understanding of the legislation and their own responsibilities within it. Secondly, by producing visually exciting courses and multiple interactive learning exercises, the employee will interact more fully, and learn and retain more of the content as a result."

Given Eukleia's compliance training heritage, the course content is comprehensive and precise, and updated regularly to be fully compliant with the latest regulatory changes. As more financial services firms extend their reach internationally, the new programmes also provide an unparalleled breadth of global regulatory requirements.

Commenting on the need to enhance regulatory training, Patrick Thompson, managing director of Eukleia Training, said: "Unfortunately, most compliance training only teaches legislation, it does not apply it to people's roles. This approach has little impact on an employee's behaviour and leaves firms open to breaches in regulation, which can have devastating effects on a company's reputation."

Thompson added: "We are also seeing an increasing level of resistance to compliance training, especially in firms who have already deployed simple text based e-learning in the past. An employee who isn't interested and engaged isn't going to learn. This can have very costly repercussions for a financial services company, which is why today's partnership with Fuel is an important move forward in regulatory learning."

The first series of e-learning programmes using Fuel and Eukleia's pioneering approach include:

* Introduction to regulation
* Anti-money laundering
* Market abuse directive
* Senior management update

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