Sayula unveils new AddFive real-time capabilities

15 January 2006. Sayula Financial Technology the premier provider of advanced server-based Excel tools for the Capital Markets, today announced the release of AddFive's latest version, incorporating new powerful real-time features. The new set of features includes multi-vendor real-time market data retrieving and contributing functions for Excel, plus server execution contexts for the single-instance publishing of commonly-used complex analytics like yield curves or volatility smiles.

"The new version brings AddFive completely in sync with Gartner's vision for the new generation of enterprise-wide software systems, where the main focus is on the transparent integration with the enterprise's service bus (the ESB)", said Mr. Cristian Alzati, Sayula's CTO. "AddFive can now read real-time data from the ESB, execute complex generic calculations and publish those calculation results back to the ESB so that not only Excel but any other interested application can access them. And from an Excel-specific perspective, the new AddFive capabilities transparently harness the full power of the ESB exactly as native Excel functionality". Mr. Alzati added.

AddFive's new version has been made available to a small group of prospective clients who have manifested their interest for AddFive. Sayula has been actively marketing AddFive to a number of European financial institutions and in the process a significant amount of evaluator's feedback has been obtained. AddFive's latest version reflects the result of this first-hand consultation approach. The new version also includes a number of other important features like stand-alone (i.e, non-VBA and non-ODBC) SQL queries that can be dynamically deployed in Excel just like any other standard AddFive Excel model.

Sayula's flagship product AddFive comprises a multi OS distributed framework of servers and a high-performance add-in that transparently integrates the framework's powerful features in Microsoft Excel as native Excel functionality. Included features are multi-vendor real time retrieving and contributing functions, centrally-defined generic Excel models, centrally-defined holiday calendars, and dynamically integrated customer proprietary or third-party analytic libraries.

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