ONIX Solutions .NET 2.0 64 Bit FIX Engine

London 19th January 2006

Financial markets technology specialists Onix Solutions has today launched the first 64Bit FIX Engine for .Net 2.0

The 64-bit version of FIX Forge .NET FIX Engine was designed for highest performance server-side solutions and most exacting environments which need to employ all the features of the latest 64-bit operating systems and utilize capabilities of multi-core processors.

The 64-bit version of FIX Forge .NET FIX Engine allows .NET 2.0 (x64) based FIX applications and tools to take full advantage of 64-bit workstations and servers resulting in an increase in performance and scalability due to the enhanced data processing rate per clock cycle and ability to address more memory.

The FIX Forge .NET FIX Engine 64-bit edition will make resource consuming applications such as Market Data servers, Order Routers and FIX Gateways 70% faster. With help of FIX Forge .NET FIX Engine your applications are now able to serve more clients or connections with outstanding performance.

The increased performance and scalability of 64-Bit Edition of FIX Forge FIX Engine are ideal for workloads that are memory intensive - access to greater memory (16 TB vs. 4G) enables large data sets to be loaded entirely into memory, reducing the need for slower disk I/O, resulting in increased performance.

The new version of FIX Forge .NET FIX Engine contains a comprehensive set of source code examples and support applications which showcase the complete support of the 64-bit computing by ONIX Solutions.

The FIX Forge .NET 2.0 FIX Engine is fully compliant with the FIX protocol and provides versatile diagnostic of any issues detected in real time.

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