Focus on Unmatched Benefits of Independent, Agency Only Model and Uncompromised Advantages for Institutional Traders

NEW YORK, NY, January 17, 2006 – EdgeTrade, the independent, agency only broker and developer of algorithmic strategies and direct market access (DMA) software, today announced the formal introduction of a new corporate identity and image that underscores the benefits of its business model, particularly, in an age of competing interests in institutional, electronic trading. Client firms of EdgeTrade, of which there are more than 150 in North America and Europe, include hedge funds, mutual funds, asset management firms and broker-dealers. A new website is the launching pad for the company’s focused messaging.

"Institutional, electronic trading is rife with competing interests that leaves buy-side firms disadvantaged by their very own broker relationships," said EdgeTrade President, Kyle Zasky. "EdgeTrade has an important message to convey to these traders: when you do business with us the advantage is yours."

EdgeTrade’s corporate image and identity encompasses a new tagline: The Advantage Is YoursTM. This message will resonate with traders who have all too often witnessed the financial drawbacks of having their trading strategies picked over by brokers who are supposed to be their trusted execution partners. "Bulge bracket shops dissemble on the issue of best execution when their cash equity, market making and proprietary desks are mining client order flow from the very algorithmic strategies that the broker provides to its buy-side client," said Zasky.

EdgeTrade’s overarching mission is to empower traders with an unconflicted, agency only model that offers high-speed and quality of anonymous execution, coupled with innovative trading technology.

The company’s inaugural advertising campaign is based on the U.S. Declaration of Independence, and showcases a similar document that traders are urged to have EdgeTrade sign in person. The declaration states that EdgeTrade will not engage in proprietary trading; market making; competing statistical arbitrage programs; reverse engineering strategies and; data or position mining. "While there are other agency desks, even at larger broker-dealers, this firm is agency only and also independently owned, so traders never need worry about sharing sensitive trading information with us," said EdgeTrade Vice President of Marketing, Tim Lane. "As a matter of fact, institutional clients often leverage the firm’s consultative services that focus on achieving an individual trader’s objectives through any one of EdgeTrade’s algorithmic strategies or customized solutions."

EdgeTrade is gaining widespread recognition for its array of sophisticated algorithmic strategies, organically developed and customized for each client by the firm’s quantitative team. Through Execution Management SystemTM (EMSTM), EdgeTrade’s independent, agency front-end platform, institutional buy-side and sell-side traders place single stock and basket equity orders. EMS offers a high-speed gateway to multiple execution venues, DMA order types, algorithmic trading strategies and low latency market data; it may also be customized to each trader’s screen specifications. While a holistic offering, EMS is modularly designed to give traders what they want and how. A trader may, for example, integrate EdgeTrade’s algorithms into their own front-end rather than using EMS. As an open platform, traders have the option of connecting to EMS via FIX, or through other trading and order management systems. EdgeTrade’s algorithmic strategies and direct market access order types are currently integrated with major industry trading and order management systems.

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