ONIX solutions FIX Forge .NET 2.0

London 10th January 2006

Financial markets technology specialists Onix Solutions has today launched
the first FIX engine for .NET 2.0 in preparation for the next generation of windows applications in the wholesale financial sector

This is a fully compatible .NET 2.0 solution which allows developers to employ
all the advantages of the new Miscrosoft .NET framework and it's associated 2.0 features.

Using FIX Forge .NET 2.0 makes it possible to utilise new development tools and language features such as support of generics, I/O Enhancements, Threading and GUI improvements as well as the other changes prompting Microsoft to
consider much of the .NET framework part of the WinFX platform.

The new version of FIX Forge contains a comprehensive set of examples and
support applications which showcase the complete support of the .NET 2.0 by
ONIX solutions.

The FIX Forge .NET2.0 FIX Engine is fully compliant with the FIX protocol
and provides versatile diagnostic of any issues detected in real time.

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