PolarLake Releases Integration Suite Version 5.0

Adds extensive Domain Management and flexible deployment options to deliver market-leading ‘enterprise SOA’ platform

Dublin, Ireland, 9th February 2006 - PolarLake, a world leader in application and data integration, today announced the release of Integration Suite Version 5.0, adding significant new features to aid the rapid development and enterprise-wide deployment and management of integration solutions. These include domain-based deployment management, enhanced monitoring capabilities and support for JMX-based management approaches. These capabilities in turn enable PolarLake to support the potentially infinite variety of topologies and deployment configurations required for the successful introduction and adoption of SOA platforms within the organization.

PolarLake provides a complete suite of integration products for the automation of complex business integration solutions across organizational and technical boundaries. Version 5.0 adds extensive domain management capabilities, supporting the management and control of distributed integration servers across the enterprise environment. The product also adds more flexible deployment and monitoring capabilities. A network of servers and repositories for PolarLake solutions, with associated namespacing and scoping abilities, can be deployed in whatever configuration or topology is desired, and managed using the web-based PolarLake Management Console (PMC).

The PMC dramatically extends the set of users that interact with PolarLake, and makes key data easily available for development, operations management and business activity monitoring purposes. User access to the server network is fully configurable and controllable using JAAS, and the distributed integration network is fully instrumented using JMX.

In addition to domain-based deployment and the PMC, Version 5.0 also includes a number of other significant advances, including:

· An improved and extended solution debugger, supporting rapid and iterative development techniques with full support for the ‘animated’ testing and inspection of PolarLake Data Circuits

· Support for JMX management through JMX Mbeans – enabling a standardized approach to the provision of service management and monitoring, and integration with leading management platforms

”Version 5.0 represents a significant step forward for the PolarLake Integration Suite – adding superior management capabilities to what is already a leading integration solution. Being able to visualize integration solutions across the network, at various degrees of granularity from Server to byte, increases visibility massively,” said Warren Buckley, CTO, PolarLake. “Our focus is on meeting the real-world integration needs of our customers. That means an ability to handle large and complex data formats within sometimes intricate business processes. As adoption spreads across the organization, it also means effective management – of solutions, processes and users – in order to support the efficient deployment, sharing and monitoring of PolarLake resources.”

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