IRIS AG launches customizable option pricing function

Zurich, February 8, 2006 - IRIS AG announced today the release of a fully customizable option pricing routine. This new capability is an extension of the integrated financial analysis infrastructure riskpro(tm).

The main benefit of the option pricing function for the user is that he can evaluate and analyze almost any kind of option contract. The user has total control: he defines the pay-off function for the option, its exercise type (from simple European to exotic American or Bermudan style) and adds any kind of values to be monitored over time. The underlying contract can be pure notional, physical or a basket. The pricing model is based on the LIBOR market model using Monte Carlo simulation and the Longstaff-Schwartz method. A powerful graphical interface makes it easy and intuitive to operate.

"According to the feedback we are getting from our clients this is one of the most powerful option pricing routines currently available", stated Dr. Juerg Winter, CEO, IRIS AG.

The new option pricing function has been developed by the IRIS AG financial engineering team of riskpro(tm), the integrated financial analysis infrastructure for risk and profitability analysis being used in over 200 institutions in 15 countries.

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