- Mutual Fund traders to use ITS.Netrix and ITS Anywhere for Web combined with VoIP compliance solution from Cisco Systems & NICE -

London, 7 February, 2006 - BT, one of the world’s largest suppliers of financial trading room systems, today announced that Calamos Investments has gone live with the latest ITS voice trading technology from BT, at its new offices: 2020 Calamos Court, Naperville, Illinois. The firm is equipping its traders with ITS.Netrix, BT’s multimedia collaboration device, and ITS Anywhere, BT’s application that offers integrated trading via remote devices. Calamos Investments has also awarded BT a three year support and maintenance contract.

Calamos Investments, one of North America’s fastest growing asset managers, has a future-ready approach to trading and requires its technology to drive productivity and enhance customer service. With an existing Cisco IP telephony system and a need to maintain Time-division multiplexing (TDM) connectivity for its mission-critical trading activities, it was necessary to identify a vendor that can embrace both TDM and Internet Protocol (IP). ITS.Netrix serves the current and future needs of the firm – enabling Calamos to continue to use TDM today, and to easily migrate to IP in the future.

Calamos Investments is actively using the voice capabilities of ITS.Netrix, and plans to integrate additional communications such as video, instant messaging and email to suit business demands. In addition to ITS.Netrix, Calamos Investments selected ITS Anywhere for Web, a browser based turret, that provides users of ITS.Netrix with a familiar interface, and allows them to access their own key pages, see call activity, make calls through a combination of on-screen buttons and have access to speed dials. Calamos Investments will offer ITS Anywhere for Web to traders that need to trade from remote or alternative sites in order to cover extended exchange hours or markets in other time zones.

Corey Owens, manager of network administration, Calamos Investments, said: “As a result of expanding our business and broadening our trading activity in multiple asset classes and foreign markets, we needed a trading technology that would leverage our success and offer us increased scope and flexibility. The ITS.Netrix device provides us with unlimited direct lines to the outside world, better identification for callers and enhanced conferencing capabilities. Its functionality, interoperability and intuitive design made it the logical choice. ITS.Netrix, coupled with ITS Anywhere for Web, allows us to operate 24\7. Our traders are extremely happy with our selected technology partner.”

Additionally, BT provides Calamos Investments with reliable and easy to access voice recording from NICE Systems, enabling them to meet regulatory compliance, archiving, and retention management mandates. BT’s ITS.Netrix and ITS Anywhere for Web users and Cisco’s Voice over IP calls are captured by NICE’s compliance solution with centralised storage. The integrated capture platform also includes a unified application suite that enhances user experience and lowers total cost of ownership.

Jerry Mattiace, Americas sales director, BT Trading Systems, Global Financial Services, said: “As the buy-side becomes more sophisticated, the demand for cutting-edge technical tools increase. As a fast-growing asset manager, Calamos Investments needs a long-term technology partner to help them with their evolution. BT’s ITS voice trading technology promotes the Virtual Trading Organisation – freeing Calamos Investments from the constraints of outdated technology and allowing them to operate more efficiently and flexibly in response to market conditions. ITS.Netrix and ITS Anywhere will help Calamos Investments realise the benefits of increased productivity and business continuity.”

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