Benchmark Simulation integrates its advanced simulation software TRADEAgent™ with Genesis Securities Laser Trading platform, providing Institutional clients with the most recent algorithmic trading tools available

New York, NY (Feb. 6, 2006) TRADEAgent™, a product of Benchmark Simulation, LLC, is now available on the Genesis Securities Laser Trading platform. TRADEAgent™ provides hedge funds, institutions and professional traders a fully-automated platform for high-frequency algorithmic trading and block-trade execution. A result of more than four years of development and testing, TRADEAgent’s high-performance server-based system effectively leverages the low latency of the Genesis Securities Laser Trading platform.

TRADEAgent's proprietary High Frequency Trading (HFT) models exploit frequent, short-term inefficiencies from both sides of the intra-day volatility inherent in high volume stocks. TRADEAgent HFT models allow managers and traders to generate significant returns that are generally not correlated to the market. TRADEAgent HFT models are fully automated and place orders directly through customer accounts at Genesis. Clients can monitor all model activity in real-time via the Genesis Securities Laser Trading interface.

TRADEAgent’s HFT simulation technology provides users with the unique ability to accurately test trading and block-execution models over historical periods, examining every tick. The TRADEAgent Simulation and Portfolio tool allows users to construct and test portfolios of models to evaluate and manage risk and return. TRADEAgent’s historical simulator and live-trading engine process data in precisely the same way for both live trading and historical simulations. In many cases, live trading and historical simulations of hundreds of trades will match within a few dollars.

“Our goal from the beginning was to be able to accurately simulate a model before committing capital” stated Lester Dye, a Benchmark founder and chief architect of TRADEAgent. “When we started our HFT research,” Dye continued, “it was clear that accurate simulation technology did not exist. We decided to build our own.” Dye’s Stanford University simulation research and dynamic systems and econometrics background were the foundation for the design of the TRADEAgent framework.
“Genesis’ Laser is the lowest latency DMA system that we have seen,” said Dye. “This low latency translates into better returns from our HFT models, improving raw performance and optimizing ECN rebates, making Genesis a perfect complement to TRADEAgent. In today’s markets, speed wins.”

“Benchmark’s TRADEAgent system will provide a powerful set of tools for block and algorithmic trading to our growing base of institutional clients,” stated Jonathan Ohliger, Institutional Business Development Associate at Genesis. “TRADEAgent, combined with Laser’s state-of-the-art DMA platform, may be an optimal environment for most institutional traders.”

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