Solution Boosts Performance, Increases Response Times For High-Performance Computing Applications in SOA Environments

2006 Web Services/SOA on Wall Street – New York (February 27, 2006) — ASPEED Software Corporation, today announced the immediate availability of ACCELLERANT 3.5, extending the value that its advanced solution for parallelizing and distributing computationally intense applications delivers – now to service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments.

ACCELLERANT 3.5, with Java and C# support, produces a fast path to boosting the performance of algorithm-intense applications in multi-core, multi-processor, grid, cluster and distributed computing environments. It ensures that, regardless of complexity, any application can run in an SOA environment, without the need for lengthy and costly alterations to the underlying algorithmic code or logic.

As an application specific run-time fabric, ACCELLERANT 3.5 delivers additional efficiency, accuracy and speed for organizations already using fabric solutions, to schedule runs and transactions, and provision resources for applications – such as those from DataSynapse, Platform and United Devices.

“Today, a growing number of organizations are moving to SOA, grid and distributed environments to do business much more quickly, efficiently and at lower costs,” said Kurt Ziegler, evp of development for ASPEED Software.
“But many of our customers are finding that the models they use to drive business critical decisions are simply not readily adaptable to get these benefits. We answer that need with ACCELLERANT – it is infrastructure independent and provides all the necessary functionality to efficiently distribute computation and memory content to ensure optimum application completion time.”

Proven to Deliver in Financial Services

For financial services organizations, the solution enables the rapid movement of critical business functions, such as hedging strategies, portfolio balancing, risk management, securities pricing and end-of-day processing, to more cost-efficient, SOA-friendly cluster, grid and distributed computing environments.

Using ACCELLERANT, a leading Wall Street bank moved its pricing and risk management applications from expensive UNIX servers onto Intel-based clusters for consistent time reductions and predictable performance enhancements. With precision protected and performance assured, the company demonstrated the economic benefits of the configuration and ensures rapid and seamless migration to a grid infrastructure when it is implemented.

Faster and Better: Full Suite of Performance Capabilities

ACCELLERANT drastically reduces application run times and transactions, in most cases by factors directly related to the number of CPUs applied. This is even true for improving the elapsed time of already transactionalized applications running on the grid.
ACCELLERANT can seamlessly parallelize long running inner loops in these transactions, significantly reducing the elapsed time of heavy deal calculations with Greek or Partial Greek, stochastic and embedded stochastic calculations.

The ACCELLERATED applications can exploit untapped CPU and multi-core capacity and run across multiple CPUs in a system, cluster or grid – constantly optimizing the run real-time and ensuring optimum application performance levels. Its innate application-based run-time fabric, designed to optimize each application independently at run time, preserves full algorithmic integrity and enables seamless adaptation without changes to its logic flow.

With this release, the ability to ACCELLERATE applications has been greatly expanded with the addition of the Java and C# support, increasing the virtualization for advanced SOA performance. ACCELLERANT:

· Reduces the elapsed time of specific transactions and runs
· Improves the usable capacity of the systems used through increased
· Improves the overall utilization and throughput
· Virtualizes the application distribution from the underlying platform

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